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What they say about us

A School of Indo-Vedic Culture and Traditional Indian Sciences. Hospitality, culture, philosophy and meditation come together to offer a vision between East and West of great interest under the guidance of Professor Marco Ferrini. Omar Cappellari I enrolled in "Indovedic Psychology" and I am very satisfied with the choice and the results so far. I highly recommend it.

Monica Segato

A Centre of Indo-Vedic culture, with many courses accessible to all those interested in personal growth. You have the possibility to attend courses in Counseling, Yoga, Traditional Indian Sciences and Vegan/Vegetarian/Ayurvedic Cooking Courses. Just yesterday I ended, together with other wonderful people, the “Kitchen for the Soul Course” and I already miss the place. Super welcoming environment thanks to the loving and always helpful people. I think this Center is the fruit of one of the most beautiful gestures of unconditional love; the people there are full of it, capable to transmit it in every movement, gesture and word. I am very happy to have attended it and even more to return. Indeed, I recommend it to everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Francesca Pavese

I would like to thank Master Marco Ferrini for the service he offers us. With spiritual affection and deep emotion, thank you!

Maria Alvaro

I see how hard you are working. In these moments distance does not matter. I feel connected as if I were there with you. Thank you. A big hug.

Caterina Dagna

Thank you from the heart! A very valuable experience, which makes us feel united as we were live in your beautiful residential seminars! Thanks to our spiritual Master and all the devotees !!! Other testimonials Luigi Talpo A place to expand knowledge and where study how to evolve.

Marco Proia


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